Come unto Me and be Saved

Are you searching for life’s meaning, wondering if there is existence after death, or perhaps have heard about Jesus, but not why He came to us? If so, then come with me on a journey and explore the GOOD NEWS message of the GOSPEL! Jesus alone has the power to give you eternal life. He created you, He loves you, and He wants you to get to know Him intimately and personally. But you say, “I’m a good person, and deserve to go to heaven.” No you’re not, at least not in God’s eyes. Your “goodness” is just not “good enough”. Jesus wants to wash away and forgive your sins, which is the only way you get a free “ticket” into heaven. No matter your race, nationality, skin colour, or background; everybody has sinned against God and is in need of a Saviour. I hear you saying, “But I have done a lot of bad things in my life, perhaps stolen something, committed murder, divorced my spouse, used drugs, had an abortion, or whatever; God could never love me”. No matter your past, JESUS is your only hope of a future existence in heaven with Him. Leave the hurt, the pain, the despair, all of life’s ugly baggage of the past, in the past. Just let it go and run to Jesus, cling to Him tightly, and never let go. He loves you. He wants you. He created you in His image. He wants to forgive you. He is extending His hand to you. He is waiting. Come. JESUS IS CALLING.

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Format: ePub – ISBN: 978-1-9992281-0-1
Format: PDF – ISBN: 978-1-9992281-1-8
Author: George Elliott
Published in Canada
September 2019