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Welcome, and thanks for stopping by! I hope you spend time looking around; perhaps something will interest you! Look, here is the deal. We are in what is known as the “Last Days”.  Now you may be asking yourself why should I care? Well, here is the thing. About two thousand years ago, Jesus came to earth as a helpless baby, born of the Virgin Mary, who would ultimately willing die on the cross to redeem us (that means you and me!) from sin. The time is soon coming when Jesus will return (He will not be helpless!) to redeem His own, meaning only those people who have accepted His free gifts of grace, redemption, and eternal life – that’s the REALLY GOOD NEWS!

Now if there is good news on one side, there must be REALLY BAD NEWS on the other. Unless you repent to God of your sin (no, you are not a good person!), then you will be damned for all eternity. Whether or not you are ready to become a follower of Jesus today (why wait?), my prayer is you will at least find something here to start you seriously thinking about what is going to happen after your final breath?

With all seriousness, it would be unfair for me to expect everybody to agree with everything  I choose to blog about, what fun would that be anyway? However, when it comes to our standing before almighty God, things quickly become serious and real rather quickly. I am very much concerned about the moral decay in our country over the past decades. Our society has become very anti-God, and more specifically, anti-Jesus. I make no apology for putting my faith and trust in JESUS CHRIST; you must make your own decision in this regard. While we can agree to disagree on many things, I wish to be transparent on where I stand on the “big” issues.

I am unashamedly,

  • A bible-believing Christian, and take the bible as God’s inspired word to us. FYI, my favourite bible translation I use is the KING JAMES VERSION, although I am not overly dogmatic about one’s preference.
  • A believer in JESUS CHRIST,  and more specifically, that He is the only way to achieve eternal life and salvation.
  • A believer that abortion is the willful murder of our most innocent (except in very rare situations, where the mother’s life is in grave danger). There are many families willing to adopt an unwanted baby, which removes 99% of the justification for having an abortion “because I can’t raise a child right now”.
  • A believer in biblical morality and the teachings from the bible.
  • A believer in the blessed reward for the saved in the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • A believer in eternal damnation for those who reject JESUS, and His free offer of salvation as taught in the New Testament.
  • A believer we are in the “Last Days”, and nearing the return of JESUS to gather His church and judge the wicked.
  • A believer in the certain knowledge that all of man’s systems – government, society, educations, etc.. will ultimately fail, because they are not built on rock-solid biblical foundations.
  • A believer in biblical morality, and using the bible as our only “instruction book” for living a life in peace and harmony with God.
  • A believer that all human beings are created in the image of God, and everyone is of the “same blood”. i.e. We are all genetically descended from Adam and Eve.
  • A believer in creation, that God destroyed the Earth in a global, world-wide flood because of man’s wickedness.
  • A believer in the soon-coming judgment of God upon the Earth and all who have forsaken Him. Placing your total faith and trust in JESUS is the ONLY way to achieve salvation.
  • A believer that all man’s religious systems will ultimately fail. In the coming Kingdom of Heaven, there will only be GOD THE FATHER, his SON, JESUS CHRIST, and the redeemed Saints.
  • A believer in the biblical teaching of “Jesus being the only way to eternal life.”
  • A believer (and I wish this were not so), that the vast majority of “Christian churches” today, although well-intentioned, have become corrupt, and hold doctrinal teachings and practices very much at odds with what I would term, “Biblical Christianity”.
  • A believer in the perspective that when it comes of Christianity, “If the pastor is popular, rich, and influential, what they are teaching is almost certainly contrary to traditional, solid biblical instruction”. The GOSPEL MESSAGE has never been “widely popular”, for the simple reason that humans have “itching ears”, preferring to justify themselves in their own eyes, or what the bible so often describes as, “doing what was right in their own eyes.”


George Elliott

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